PHOTO.EXE Terms and Conditions

Section 1

These terms and conditions cover the use of the PHOTO.EXE iOS app ("the app"), available from the Apple App Store, as well as the associated web services, hosted at ("the service"; in the rest of this document we use the app and the service interchangeably and we regard them as a single product). By using PHOTO.EXE or any of our web services, you're agreeing to abide by these terms.

Section 2

There is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users on PHOTO.EXE or any other Rustling Broccoli web property.

The service shall not be used for any illegal, obscene, objectionable or harmful purposes, and we will terminate your account and block your access without refund if you do not play nicely. What, exactly, "playing nicely" means will be at the sole discretion of the creators. You may not defame, insult, or harrass anyone using the app or the service. Publicly uploaded content is continually monitored by our team, but any user can also report objectionable content, using the "Report" link available on any photo. Reporting is possible both from the app and the web interface. We will review reports within 24h and remove offensive content and, at our discretion, permanently ban offending users.

Section 3

Rustling Broccoli, the creators of PHOTO.EXE, make no guarantees as to the fitness of the app for any purpose, and the creators assume no liability of any kind for damages, injury, liability, or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the app.

Section 4

The creators make every effort to provide you with a working service, but we reserve the right to cease providing the app and/or the web service for any reason, without notice or refund of any payments you may have made in exchange for using the service.

Section 5

Neither the free version of the app, nor the "Premium" version obtained via in-app purchase, collects any data or telemetry about our users. The Premium version can be obtained via a one-time purchase and will remain valid for subsequent versions of the app. We do not sell an ongoing subscription - you make a one-time payment for access to the premium features of the app (currently: extra photographic filters, and the ability to post to a public photo feed hosted by Rustling Broccoli). However, the creators reserve all rights to stop updating the app, or introduce a new pricing structure, or otherwise change the offering.

Section 6

Our third-party data processors include Heroku, Amazon Web Services, and Apple. While we do not store any personally identifiable information about our users, we cannot guarantee that a user will not voluntarily upload sensitive or private information to our servers of their own accord. As such, users take full responsibility for any content (both text, image, or any other data) uploaded to our service. By uploading any data or image to our servers, the user is assuming responsibility for the legality and copyright status of the material. Any infringing material will be removed and the user account blocked.

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